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In the center of the universe lies Vermonia. The fate of the worlds rests on the shoulders of four not-so-average kids. 

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Vermonia is a manga, the first series created by YOYO. 

The series currently has three publishers; Candlewick Press (United States), Walker (United Kingdom) and Mondadori (Italy). All of the available issues are also released on iTunes e-Books.

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Jim, Naomi, Mel, Doug from left to right

On a distant Blue Star,Naomi , Jim , Mel , and Doug— friends obsessed with their garage band — don’t seem that different from any of the other fifteen-year-old skateboarders at Union Middle School. But everything changes when Mel is kidnapped and imprisoned in a world called the Turtle Realm. As her friends rush to save her, guided by the magical squelp Satorin , they find a world terrorized by a conquering army, a land whose villagers’ only hope is an ancient prophecy foretelling the arrival of four heroes. Will they be brave enough to release their true warrior spirits — and return the rightful queen to her throne?" - Goodreads

VERMONIA -- The Story Continues

VERMONIA -- The Story Continues.

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